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    Junk/Scrap Car Removal in Sydney

    Hassle-free car removal with SMT Towing
    With the advancements in technology, a new model of car comes up every month offering features that outscore those of the old models. Consequently, many companies are eradicating the old models of cars. Ultimately, there is a need for scrap car removal service to prevent the environment from damage. With SMT Towing, one can rely on the team of experts for disposing of old cars. Our team disposes of the cars ethically and professionally which makes customers choose us again & again. We can do the work on any cars of any brand and any condition.
    Reliable car removal services
    When it comes to choosing a company for scrap car removal, people rely on SMT Towing for the premium services. They trust us with their work as we are a leading car removal service provider in and around Auburn, Campbelltown, Liverpool, Old Toongabbie, and Parramatta. One can easily get rid of the scrap of their old car through much easily. There is a lesser demand for the production and fabrication of new parts. This reduces the emission of greenhouse gases which has a positive impact on the surrounding environment. Our reliable services set us apart from the rest of the companies.
    Our Services
    24/7 Hours Emergency Towing Services
    There is nothing more annoying than your car coming to a complete halt for no apparent reason. It can be very frustrating and hard for you, we understand this. We are the business that can offer the perfect solution to get you safely out of that situation.
    Light Machinery Towing
    SMT Towing is your light machinery towing expert. Whether you need excavators, bobcats, scissor lifts, forklifts, tractors, or hire equipment, we can provide you with all your towing needs under 6 tonnes. The show must continue when you are working on a project and the machine fails, it may cause downtime.
    Boat Towing
    We are famously known for providing a complete range of boat towing services with knowledge and care. We commit to provide easy 24*7 helpline, quick and rapid attention, and reaction.
    20ft Container Towing
    Container towing is specialized towing. At SMT Towing in Sydney, we focus on excellent container towing. SMT Towing plans and uses industry-specific equipment and skills to implement your transport needs. Towing and hauling containers are difficult and will face challenges.
    Truck Towing Sydney
    SMT Towing specialises in smart, efficient, and hassle-free tow truck services We understand the plight of being stuck in the middle of the road with your broken car! There is the constant uneasiness of blocking the traffic unwittingly– even more so during the peak hours!
    SMT Towing for affordable car scrap removal
    As the removal of car scrap is imperative to ensure a safe environment, people often look for companies that can professionally do the work. Moreover, the pricing of services is a crucial factor in choosing the right company. Well, we offer affordable services with our expert team. Our team visits the home of the customer, carries out evaluation, provides free on-site quotes, and fixes the deadline by which they will be able to complete the work. While many people usually compare the prices of different companies, they finally choose us because of the reasonable prices that we offer.
    Experience matters for the best services
    Many companies boast of their success in the name of the best services. However, they lack experience in performing junk car removal in Sydney. When it is about junk car removal, one needs to hire a company that has experts who have years of experience in dealing with every kind of model. We have years of experience and this has helped us establish as a leading company in Sydney.
    Why choose us?
    There are some differences in our way of working and that of other companies. These key differences contribute to more people depending on us. Some of these points include:
    • Quick and easy work completion
    • Our team doesn't waste the time of the customers and completes the work without any delays
    • Instant and on spot payments
    • Secure payment options
    • Best prices assured with our services
    • Quick evaluation and free quotes
    • Services of car models of any model of any type
    • Clean car disposal that ensures 100% safe environment
    • Free visit to the customer's home with an on-site price quotation and car removals
    Anyone looking for a reliable company for removal or disposal of car scrap can contact us and we will be right there at the site.
    So whether you have broken down or are just relocating your equipment or vehicle, call us.

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