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    Cash for Cars Experts in Parramatta

    Get Instant Cash for Cars in Parramatta and Free of Cost Towing Service
    SMT Towing is a reputed name when it comes to towing or hauling your car. But, at the same time, we have a specialised team for cash of cars service ready to give you the best price for broken, damaged and unwanted cars.
    Count Your Cash Instantly
    We make sure that you get your cash on the spot from where we will tow your damaged car. Our cash for cars service does not include any hidden charges or towing fees. We do it absolutely free for you. Our policy offers up to $4,999 for your car. So, even if your car has a heavy metal body and a big structure, we will make sure that you get a fair price.
    We Take Cars of Any Models and Brands
    We do not segregate between the models or make of the car. We take anything you can offer us. We take -
    • Unwanted Car
    • Damaged Car
    • Old Cars
    • 4WD Cars
    • Scrap Cars
    • Damaged Trucks
    • Used Cars
    • Wrecked Vans
    • Flooded Cars
    • Fire damaged cars
    • Accident cars
    • Body damaged and engine damaged cars
    • Low mileage cars
    • Cars with mechanical problems
    • Rusted cars
    Trucks, Utes, 4wds, or any other vehicle - size does not matter to us. We have already towed cars with brand names BMW, Lexus, Mazda, Mercedes, and Toyota.
    We Purchase Cars When You Do Not Have the Ownership
    Are you trying to sell off an old car on which you do not have an ownership title? No Problem! We will still let you sell the car to us. After you receive the quotation from us, we let you decide whether you want to sell it to us or not. All we will need from you are some necessary details such as the make, model, and the year of purchase of the vehicle. Then we will make a quick inspection to check the vehicle identification detail, odometer reading, and vehicle condition to close the final deal.
    We Give the Best Price
    We have been working in the Parramatta area for a long time now and we can assure you that we design the best-priced quotation for you. Feel free to compare the quote you get from us to any other service provider. And, you will realise why and how we have made such a good customer base in your region. We simply give you the highest price for scrap or damaged cars.
    Same Day Car Towing Service on Your Request
    Selling your damaged car in a hurry? No worries when you are dealing with us. We offer same-day towing and on the spot cash for cars service in Parramatta, where you can get rid of your old car overnight and get instant money in your hands too.
    Choose Time and Place According to Your Convenience
    Do you live near Parramatta or somewhere far from the place? Your convenience is our topmost priority. And, for that, we can reach out to anywhere in the suburb you want. After a quick on-site inspection of the car, we will be ready to give you the price you deserve. Call us today at 0424 855 678.
    What do you need to get cash?
    The make and model of the vehicle and the year, condition, odometer reading and vehicle identification number
    Dont have the title of ownership for your vehicle ?
    If you do not have the title of owner ship for your vehicle, we can still purchase the vehicle. When you receive your quotation, please us know and we will provide you with other options.
    How to get cash ?
    contact us! Accept or reject our offer. Arrange for free pickup. We will request a quick inspection when we pick up the car. Count your cash.
    So whether you have broken down or are just relocating your equipment or vehicle, call us.

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