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    Join forces with the best towing services provider in Fairfield
    At SMT Towing, we specialise in both heavy-duty and light towing work. This is because we are ideally equipped to perform both kinds of work. Therefore, we can satisfy all the towing service needs that our clients have from a service provider such as us. Our drivers are specially trained in such work and experienced too and have all the insurance necessary to do such work. With over years of experience, we provide various types of trucks for all towing services requirements in Fairfield. At SMT Towing, we assure our clients to find their perfect towing service for their vehicle.
    What can we tow for our clients?
    We can tow every type of vehicle from trucks to boats. This includes, but not limited to, the following kinds of vehicles:
    • large vehicles
    • movable houses or houses with wheels
    • small vehicles
    • farm equipment and all other kinds of equipment
    • motorcycles
    • construction tools
    • forklifts, scissor lifts¬†
    • prestige cars
    • boats
    • buses
    • trucks
    • motorcycles
    • sports bikes
    • lawnmowers
    • scooters
    We guarantee our clients excellent customer service and provide them with the best solution for their towing services in Fairfield. Our fleet is one of the essential parts of towing services. We pride ourselves for a large fleet that can accommodate all types of vehicles.
    We are always there for our clients
    We offer the most professional towing work in the entire region. This is one reason people consider us the best option for towing services in Fairfield within the budget.We make sure to take all the precautions that are necessary while towing to secure the vehicles in a way that there is no issue while transporting them from one location to another. We always upgrade our towing vehicles to the best condition.
    Our clients can rely on us for all types of towing services
    Our team of experts are specialised to meet all the expectations and preferences of our clients. The equipment towing services are especially helpful for our clients who want to send their vehicles away for a lot of repairs in Fairfield. Customers are our priority and so we always assure to go a mile extra to provide our customers with excellent services. For us, our purpose is served when our customers are happy with our services and their automobiles are away from dangers and harms.
    We earn the respect of our clients
    We earn respect and trust of our clients with our professional service and assure all the queries of our clients are resolved in minutes. We take a complete responsibility of transporting the vehicles safely in excellent condition. We are one of the leading and evolving towing service providers in Sydney. With years of experience now, our customers always choose us to be their towing service providers. With hands on the variety of vehicles we are certain we will never leave our customers in disappointment. Still have a doubt. Visit our website today to know more about us. Reach out to us at 0424 855678 or book us directly from our website and we will be right at your service.
    So whether you have broken down or are just relocating your equipment or vehicle, call us.

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